June 30, 2009

The Latest from I Take Off The Mask!

The Latest from I Take Off The Mask!

A Fresh Wind Blew Upon My Heart

Posted: 29 Jun 2009 05:36 PM PDT

My heart was touched by God today. His touch, his word, is like a fresh wind blowing upon my heart. There was a certain peace that covered me, calming my nerves, giving me strength, giving me the courage to face whatever life might bring upon me. For the first time in a long time, I was [...]

June 29, 2009

The Latest from I Take Off The Mask!

The Latest from I Take Off The Mask!

The Power of Words and Thoughts

Posted: 28 Jun 2009 05:20 PM PDT

Image via Wikipedia Words and thoughts are powerful..! Especially during times of stress, it is important to watch the words that you use and the thoughts that may be ruminating around in your head. It is believed that we have between 60,00 to 80,00 thoughts per day and most of them are repeats from yesterday. When [...]

June 28, 2009

The Latest from I Take Off The Mask!

The Latest from I Take Off The Mask!

Looking Within

Posted: 27 Jun 2009 05:14 PM PDT

Image via Wikipedia Look within. There is wisdom and unspeakable peace that await you. Look again. There is still wonder in the single drop of dew that clings upon the faded petal of a rose. -itakeoffthemask.com

June 27, 2009

Hughes Net satellite

This is a time of expectations, a time of anticipation and a time of vision, which invites us to move forward with regard to technology, but many people do not have this condition because they are distant from large conventional center where the Internet is not enough, but if this is your case you must know the Internet via satellite offered by satelliteinternetbroadband.com, which due to be via satellite can reach any place besides offering other benefits such as permanent connection, eliminates the use of telephone lines, offers a high speed browsing and instant communication, Transmission of files up to 10 times faster than through a telephone line, the best hughes net satellite at its disposal.

To keep pace with the world, it is important to have a fast and uninterrupted Internet connection. Great cities do not face this problem the more quickly because the connection to broadband. But people and businesses in small towns and remote places are still grappling with the problem of slow dial up or they simply have no connection to the Internet, is why people in these places are increasingly opting for Satellite Connection Internet, and for this you need to know satelliteinternetbroadband.com and have the best and most comprehensive Internet service via satellite, you still find questions about satellite Internet to take your questions, for more information visit satelliteinternetbroadband.com now.

The Latest from I Take Off The Mask!

The Latest from I Take Off The Mask!

The Power of Motivational Stories

Posted: 26 Jun 2009 05:46 PM PDT

Throughout history, millions of stories have been told to by bedsides and around camp fires to help draw people into the images that are created out of the spoken word. When it comes to stories, probably the best type of stories in terms of getting people to take action are motivational stories. There are stories that [...]



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