June 30, 2011

For July 4th: Red, White, and Blue Poems

Academy of American Poets

The Red Wheelbarrow
by William Carlos Williams

A Red Palm
by Gary Soto

A Red, Red Rose
by Robert Burns

Red Lilies
by Barbara Guest

Red Slippers
by Amy Lowell

The Red Poppy
by Louise Glück

Red Poppy
by Tess Gallagher

will the red hand throw me?
by Matthew Rohrer

Red Cloth
by Jean Valentine

Red Quiet, Section 3
by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
by Anne Sexton

The White Fires of Venus  
by Denis Johnson

The White Room
by Charles Simic

by J. Michael Martinez

White Box (Notes)
by Laura Mullen

White Clover
by Marvin Bell

my dream about being white
by Lucille Clifton

The White Horse
by D.H. Lawrence

White Spring
by Lisa Olstein

White Apples
by Donald Hall
by Elizabeth Alexander

Waking in the Blue
by Robert Lowell

Immigrant Blues
by Li-Young Lee

At the Blue Note
by Pablo Medina

The Weary Blues
by Langston Hughes

The Blue Terrance
by Terrance Hayes

The Blue Stairs
by Barbara Guest

The Blue Anchor
by Jane Cooper

The Blue
by David Baker

Vision from the Blue Plane-Window
by Ernesto Cardenal
translated by Jonathan Cohen

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Academy of American Poets
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Poem-A-Day: Chris Martin, Becoming Weather, 21

Academy of American Poets

June 30, 2011

Today's poem is from Becoming Weather, published by Coffee House Press. Reprinted with permission.

Read more about this book.

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    Academy of American Poets
    75 Maiden Lane
    Suite 901
    New York, NY 10038

    Becoming Weather, 21
    by Chris Martin

                        I was out interviewing clouds         amassing
                        the notes of a sky pornographer    while patches

                                                 of the city subnormalized
    by fear of fear            like a reef bleaching closed

                        I took to the streets
                                  looking for a human velocity

                  feeling                 disequilibrium

                                             heavy in the abundance
                                 of summer light
                                                           the silent apathy
                  of stars     which is neither
                                                  silent nor apathetic
    I             am       becoming                 weather
                  I don't
                                   plan on doing
                                                                          it alone

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